Three Common Mistakes Businesses Make When It Comes To Their Website. Don’t Be

With social media and the use of mobile devices consistently on the rise, businesses should be heavily investing in website improvements in order to keep up with their competition and avoid being left behind. Simply having a great looking site filled with beautiful graphics and citchy content isn’t enough to keep you relevant and at the top of the search engines.


Mistake #1: Not having a responsive site

Because in today’s world smartphones and tablets are becoming as relevant as PCs and laptops, consumers spend a massive amount of time on mobile devices to browse the web. What does this means to you? Even if your website is well-designed and eye catching, unless it properly translates to mobile devices, customers won’t have an enjoyable experience and that back button is always one click away. Moreover, with Google’s new ranking algorithms, its conform or get left behind. At one42design, we will ensure that your website will produce a stellar experience for the visitor, stay relevant in the searches and be easy to navigate.


Mistake #2: Ignoring Optimization

SEO should never be ignored. Once again, it doesn’t matter how great your site looks if nobody can find it. When business owners fail to stock their website with effective keywords, they are left at a big disadvantage. The right keywords will help the search engines index your website based on your content and deliver consumers searching what you offer. There’s no magic formula to get your website on page one of search engines and building an online reputation takes time and persistence. But partnering with a company that understands SEO and can help you with a solid strategy is half the battle.


Mistake #3: Not Giving your Target Audience Ways to Connect With Your Brand

In the past, having your phone number and email address on your website was enough information for customers to contact you. But now with the popularity of social media, websites need social sharing icons that allow visitors to share articles and photos with their social networks. Not only is social sharing an essential part of social media marketing, but it’s also cost-efficient and a great way for business owners to personally reach out to their target audience on a daily basis.


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