A Quick, Important History of Web Content Through a Content Lover’s Eyes:

With the rise of the Internet in the 1990’s every brand was scrambling to figure out their next steps. Meetings behind corporate closed doors solidified everyone’s consensus the to “move to the web”, even though no one really knew what it all entailed or exactly what it meant. Many corporations viewed the Internet as just another medium of marketing similar to magazines or brochures. But it wasn’t, and the whole world was about to realize that. The digital natives knew this was going to be the end all be all and the next “BIG thing”. But even the experts couldn’t express exactly how and why this would change the way we market today. But in the end (present day) they were right.


For brands, the shift over the past 20 years wasn’t to create a new type of brochures and other traditional marketing material, but instead it represented a fundamental shift in how brands were welcomed by consumers. Today, the website is many times the very first interaction a customer has with a product or service they are searching out, and many times the main way existing customers interact with your brand. Keeping the content and information on your site fresh is key because it just may be your one opportunity to engage with your clients.



But it doesn’t end there. In the past five years, there has been yet another shift, in the online world driven by social media, mobile, and the sharing of content. So now, brands and their followers are considered publishers and sharers of all things “share-worthy”. But it all goes a little deeper than the twitter bird and the instagram camera icons. It leaves your brand open to succeed or fail on the opinions of others. So make sure you are in the game, in it right and ready to play. If you need some direction or advice on what type of content to get out there and when to share it, we are just the guys to direct you.

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