Consumers Aren’t Reading Anymore! Secrets of Successful Website Content.

It is no secret that brick and mortar book stores are closing at a frightening rate. People just don’t read books anymore. They say they do, but the facts outweigh the fiction and the truth prevails.

So you may be thinking, what does this have to do with website content? In a word … Everything! This is a global trend that as a savvy businessperson you should pick up on: Consumers aren’t reading!

Experts claim people only get through 65% of an article, and that is only if it was extremely captivating; and studies show that anything much over 300 words is a waste of effort. Now this isn’t the golden rule of writing, but it is a growing trend and factor in content creation and how humans continue to communicate.

Now this isn’t an attack on digital devices of today. I love them! They are what create the need for my job. And don’t get me wrong, I love to read. It was my adoration of reading that guided me to my love of writing… and further to the realization that I needed to edit myself more succinctly and choose my words carefully. Conclusion … the content on your site must get right to the point and speak directly to your consumer. Filling your site with fluffy words that string nicely together will do you know good if nobody is reading it. We can help you create content that engages potential customers, ranks well with the search engines and helps your overall branding! … All that in under 300 words!

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