SEO And Your Competitors Keyword Research

Participating in a little competitive research and staying informed before and during your SEO, PPC and Social Media campaigns is smart business practice, but as I have said before, there is a difference between being informed and being inundated. Too much information can also be crippling as you wind up getting information overload, and because everyone likes to chime in with their two cents, conflicting advice is bound to come your way. This will surely lead to decision paralysis. Generally speaking, there is little wrong with wanting to be ranked for the same keywords your competition is ranked for. But if you make this your sole optimization strategy, I am here to tell you it won’t work.


I recently read that Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s Restaurant, decided he wanted to build a Wendy’s in the same vicinity, if not across the street from every McDonald’s in America. Brilliance. Why? Because customers looking for one think may be easily swayed to the competition when they see more options or more of what they might be looking for.  Alas, here is what Dave knew about McDonald’s that most people probably don’t consider when it comes to their own competition: McDonald’s does monumental amounts of research before deciding to build out in a new location. What does this mean? That McDonald’s only makes the decision to enter markets where they are confident their restaurants will succeed. So as Dave saw it, what is good enough for Ronald would also be good enough for Wendy!


Now, before you going leaping off the Brooklyn Bridge as soon as your competitor does, make sure your competitor(s) have executed the right research on all their keywords. Also, try and determine if the keywords they are ranking on is actually bringing in traffic and more importantly, conversions.  More than likely the established competition has a very solid and fruitful online marketing campaign. But, chances are likely that they are not doing all things perfectly.  So don’t leap before you look or you might wind up in an unfavorable puddle.

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