Should You Hire A Social Media Expert? … UM YES!

Logging on to one of my favorite blog spots this morning, I came across an article ranting all about why they will never hire a social media expert and why you shouldn’t either.  They exist everywhere and I would venture to say that globally at least one is written every day. As someone who employs multiple team members with a great deal of social media expertise, it would be a safe to say I strongly disagree with those sentiments.


So here is my problem with most negatively written pieces, they are usually written in distain, which can create a passionate case, but usually a false one. They usually supply little to no substantiation, only opinion; no examples, just assumption; no statistics, but plenty of judging.  So why not just leave the topic alone? Because in my opinion, the people who perform social media marketing deserve a strong defense and as a chronic slave to SEO, I’ve long felt the impact of unsubstantiated attacks by cynics.


It is plain to see that over the past few years there has been a dramatic rise in interest in social media and brands using that to their advantage. I don’t think this is because companies are “wasting their money.”  It is fair to say most corporations need a strict accounting of where their money is going and what the ROI is.  Almost all companies can benefit from greater knowledge and understanding of social media, and believe it or not, very little of it is common sense. Being able to differentiate between an original tweetand a retweet (on the basic end) to crafting lifecycle attribution by merging Facebook Insights with analytics packages (on the advanced end), social media expertise are more than just useful, but often critical to improving your company’s overall online brand performs.


How about this food for thought… Facebook has accumulated over 1.1 billion users while Twitter is at nearly 300 million, Instagram has over 300 million participants and Blogs are global with hundreds of millions of readers and tens of millions of publishers… And we are a good case in point.  It is clear that social media is driving an increasing proportion of the conversion rate and overall value. With these statistics in mind, how can anyone plausibly assert that social media experts are worthless?  They provide much value to the organizations they work with and nobody should demean their importance or worth.  As a matter of fact, I propose the opposite.  Hire folks with social media understanding and know-how. It will expose your brand to customers and people who are looking for a product or service just like yours that otherwise might not find you.

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