Who We Are

At one42design, the only thing new is the name.

We have been in the online world since 2007 and we love it in this space.

What’s in a name?

For One42design… a lot. It was corroborated over a lot of coffee and conversation after owner and CEO of The Marketing Bug, Michele Melrose lost her mentor, best friend and father Bob Lawler to brain cancer.

Bob, whose birthday was 1-1-42 had eyes as blue as the seas, and a laugh to light up a room. Thus the name and brand were born. You will find small nods to Bob placed throughout the site to remind us daily of his perseverance and the need to push on. Some noticeable, some not so noticeable, just as he would’ve done it himself.

He had an unwavering vision to always go the extra mile, treat every client with the utmost respect and never settle. We are bound and determined to honor his old school way of doing business and give your design our all. We don’t take shortcuts with your success and it shows.

Quality Is The Best Business Plan

Our goal is to deliver the highest value, all the time … period.


We like to ask a lot of questions. Making sure we have a clear understanding of your site objectives is a key part of the overall success.


As your site starts to take life, we will check screens across all platforms to ensure it looks great no matter what device you are using.


Understanding your target audience and what they are looking for is an important factor in your site’s success and longevity.


The details are in the testing, ensuring all links, plugins and nuances of the site are functioning perfectly.


With the ultimate end user experience in mind, we apply a plan that gives your site the vibrance and legs it needs to go the distance.


Once the site is live, we will help you succeed through results and reporting.

Reach Out

We’ll get back to you within 24h on business days.

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